Dr. Gary M. Moskowitz

Dr. Gary M. Moskowitz

Dr. Gary Moskowitz is a chiropractor in the Seattle area with 30 years of experience helping people enjoy greater health, a more pain-free life and greater freedom of movement. The people who seek out his services vary greatly in age (from infants to senior citizens), current levels of health, and with their health and wellness goals.

There are many challenges today to living a healthy and vital life. Dr. Gary has the experience and expertise to help people move from where they are at currently to a place where they are experiencing and expressing a higher level of health and wellness in all areas of their life.

The people who come in to Turning Point Chiropractic to work on their health get positive results. These results range all over the health spectrum and are individually tailored to the interests and needs of each specific person.

With a profound ability to listen deeply to what you want in life with respect to your health, as well as the current challenges you are facing, Dr. Gary will work with you to achieve your individual health goals, and your health goals for your family, with a clear, easy to implement plan.

In addition to his career as a chiropractor Dr. Gary has been a seminar leader for transformational seminars and programs of various types for 20 years. He has created and taught men’s work and couple’s work and has a lifelong interest in movement, the martial arts, being outdoors and continually studying the areas of health, fitness, nutrition and movement.