Sean D. Riley
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Sean D. Riley

Specializing in Auto, Home, Life, Commercial, Business and Health Insurance.

Sean D Riley joined the Farmers Insurance Company Team and became a Farmers Insurance Agency Owner in December of 2002. Sean is a highly qualified insurance professional and risk consultant in the Personal and Commercial Lines markets. With 14 years of experience in Personal, Business/Commercial and Health insurance product sales and adding a strong expertise in communication and informative advice, Sean will earn your trust with his integrity and honesty. From time to time you will hear Sean say, “Sometimes my best advice is to stay where you’re at”.

Prior to owning his Farmers Insurance Agency, Sean was an Alaska Commercial Fisherman for 22 years, owning & operating a Southeast Alaska Salmon Gillnet operation for 10 years. His great adventures and experience in the Bearing Sea, Bristol Bay, Prince William Sound, Gulf of Alaska and Southeast Alaska will be with him forever. While living and raising his family in Juneau, AK. Sean was also employed for 11 legislative sessions by the Legislative Affairs Agency. For nine years Sean was honored and took great pride in his appointment as the Sergeant of Arms in the Alaska House of Representatives.

If you’re searching for a helpful hand and genuine advice with any of your insurance needs, you can count on Sean and his agency staff to provide just that.